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Thursday, January 2nd, 2025
10:18 pm - Collected Fanfiction Post
Links to all fanfiction I've written in various fandoms. That I'm admitting to.

Alias )

Angel the Series )

Babylon 5 )

Battlestar Galactica )

Breaking Bad )

Buffy the Vampire Slayer )

Citizen Kane )

David Copperfield )

Doctor Who )

Farscape )

Earth: Final Conflict )

Heroes )

Highlander: The Series )

Historical Fiction )

Lost )


Merlin )

Mythology )

Once upon a time )

Order of the Air )

Penny Dreadful )

Rome )

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine )

Star Trek: Discovery )

Star Trek: The Next Generation )

Star Wars )

Sunset Boulevard )

The Americans )

The Beatles )

The Borgias )
The Godfather )

The Medici )

Torchwood )

X-Men )

The West Wing )

Crossovers )

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Sunday, October 25th, 2020
10:08 am - Farscape Rewatch: "Look at the Princess (Part 3): The Maltese Crichton"
Wiki summary: After being transformed into a bronze statue, Crichton is beheaded then found by a Peacekeeper agent. Later, Crichton, D'Argo and even Scorpius must rescue Chiana from a Scarran. Meanwhile, Zhaan and Pilot confront one of Moya's creators.

This is either a lie or the most pathetic life story I ever heard )

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Friday, October 23rd, 2020
7:03 pm - Star Trek: Discovery 3.02
In which we find out what happened to ship and crew.

Making a good first impression ) This entry was originally posted at Comment there or here, as you wish.

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10:36 am - The Trial of the Chicaco 7 (Film Review)
Originally, I hear, was supposed to be directed by Steven Spielberg, and with all respect for Spielberg's superior craftsmanship as a director: I'm glad it wasn't. Sorkin has his own flaws and foibles, - does he ever - , and wasn't able to reign in one particular instinct in the final scene, but the combination of Spielberg + Sorkin very likely would have taken into wholesome reassurance territory where it really would have been no business of being.

As it is, the film presents all of Sorkin's strengths as a scriptwriter, - the witty, memorable dialogue, it flows, aided, google tells me, by several of the most memorable lines actually having been said; it' a genuine ensemble movie, and the characters are passionate about what they're doing/the cause they're pursuing (this by no means is self evident; a great many films based on history make the characters only passionate about their love lives instead). And in a most opportune meeting of subject and current day circumstances, there is a lethal anger going on. (Without, I hasten to add, this coming across as high-handed and/or smug lecturing as is the case with Sorkin at less than his best.) There is also black humor, and one character who made me conclude that what this viewer has been prone to take as satire in both the Chicago-based The Good Wife and The Good Fight re: Chicago judges was clearly hardcore realism.

The whole world is watching ) This entry was originally posted at Comment there or here, as you wish.

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Sunday, October 18th, 2020
5:33 pm - Farscape Rewatch: Look at the Princess (Part 2): I do, I think (2.12)
Wiki summary: After an assassination attempt, Crichton is put into hiding on an orbiting cargo ship, but he is betrayed to Scorpius. Aeryn accepts a proposal to go on a hazardous rock-climbing trip with a local suitor.

Hello, God? This is me, Zhaan )

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Friday, October 16th, 2020
1:59 pm - Star Trek: Discovery 3.01
It's tendency to end good seasons with not so well executed finales not withstanding, I do love Star Trek: Discovery, and so I'm thrilled the third season started today.

Spoilers have hope ) This entry was originally posted at Comment there or here, as you wish.

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Thursday, October 15th, 2020
12:33 pm - Dear Yuletide Writer
thank you so much for creating a story for me! I hope you'll enjoy the experience and appreciate the work you're doing - writing a story in a tiny fandom we share is absolutely lovely, and I'm guaranteed to be pleased by your gift, so don't fret. My prompts are just that, prompts, not absolutes; if you have an idea that doesn't fit with any of them, but features (some of) the characters I asked for, I'll love it with added joyful surprise.

General DNWs:

A/B/O - if you want to write a werewolf AU for any of the canons I nominated, be my guest, but I'm really not into this particular type of story -, infantilisation, golden showers.

General likes:

character exploration, characters helping each other recover from trauma, messed up and/or co-dependent family relationships, witty banter, friendship against the odds, the occasional light moment in a darker story or conversely some serious character stuff thrown into a comedy fic.

On to the fandoms.

18th Century Frederician RPF )

Circle of Voltaire RPF )

Watchmen (TV) )

Vincent and Theo ) This entry was originally posted at Comment there or here, as you wish.

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Sunday, October 11th, 2020
2:05 pm - Farscape Rewatch: "Look at the Princess (Part 1): A Kiss Is But a Kiss" (2.11)
Wiki summary: To avoid capture by Scorpius Crichton is forced to propose to a Princess — however, there are competitors for the throne and a rival working with a Scarran plans to eliminate Crichton.

Spoilers are genetically compatible )

The Other Episodes This entry was originally posted at Comment there or here, as you wish.

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Saturday, October 10th, 2020
2:38 pm - Many a tale...
The Yuletide 2020 Fandoms tagset is up, and I'm eagerly browsing, after being pleased as punch Team Fredericians scored again, our Enlightenment/Circle of Voltaire nominations were also accepted, and someone other than me brought in more Watchmen (TV) nominations, which means more characters to request. Now due to those 18th Century Prussians I'm invested in, I checked out the RPF section first. Since the decade or so I've been following Yuletide, I've seen present day English politicians nominated repeatedly, but this Yuletide, someone put up four Germans. Among them Marcus Söder. Clearly Nockherberg-Fans. I doubt, though, that anything will be able to match this publicly broadcast RPF of El Marco.

I'm also tickled that there's nominated Middle High German Minnesänger RPF, under the subsection "Music and Bands". Bring on the Walther von der Vogelweide/Reinmar feud, say I.

In the tv section, I experienced nostalgia though the fandoms in question are just a few years old, to wit, The Americans and Bates Motel. I also saw a lot of fandoms where I mentally go "won't offer and likely not request, but do hope someone else writes in it!", including some I only come across recently, like Harlots. Of the novels, I hope someone will tackle The Hunchback of Notre Dame, because the book characterisation is so different from just about all film versions I've seen, and also, yay for an Oracle Glass nomination, that's probably my favourite Judith Merkle Riley novel. I see Rumpelstilzchen the fairy tale got nominated and shall be interested to find out whether it's possible to do something to rival Once Upon A Time's Cora for the Miller's daughter in my heart.

In other news, via [personal profile] elisi:

I have mixed feelings. I mean, I could not watch this show until the Dubya years were coming to an end because I felt then that the difference between reality and fiction was too great. Now? The difference is so big that the fiction could take place on another planet. And surely, a reality where The West Wing has taken place (where there is no Tea Party, and Republicans in Congress are largely minded to work with Democrats when it comes to creating laws), the current state of the US would not have happened. Also, of course, The West Wing has its flaws that have nothing to do with who's currently President. But then again: the cast is endearing, and good lord I'm in the market for idealism and calls to act on it. What's more, the trailer promises me Jed and Toby scenes. These two characters in the same room, argueing (or, rarely, just talking) were my favourite aspect of the show, and my big unwritten story in this fandom would still be an aftermath for them where Toby is so irritated about his pardon that he drives to New Hampshire to have it out with the (ex) President and they get snowed in so he really has to stay and can't storm off, and they're forced to talk it out. (Not being able to write it, I wrote this instead.) So: cautiously looking forward to it. This entry was originally posted at Comment there or here, as you wish.

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Thursday, October 8th, 2020
8:31 pm - Black Sails rec
Quickly, a Black Sails fanfiction rec: Gossamer, which is a beautiful, poetic Max pov, set in early s3, and bringing out her complex feelings about her own (new) place in life, and Eleanor. This entry was originally posted at Comment there or here, as you wish.

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Tuesday, October 6th, 2020
5:05 pm - The Personal History of David Copperfield (Film Review)
This was the first movie I saw in the cinema since February, and I've been curious about it for a year now. It's, as advertised, a breathless, fast paced, wildly inventive version of David Copperfield, directed by Armado Ianucci, with a great cast multiethnic cast (colourblind in the British stage sense, hence, for example, Nikki Amuka-Bird as Mrs. Steerforth - who in this version is an amalgan of herself and Rosa Dartle - and Aneurin Barnard as her son).

The hero of his own life? ) This entry was originally posted at Comment there or here, as you wish.

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Sunday, October 4th, 2020
9:03 am - Farscape Rewatch: Out of Their Minds (2.09)
Wiki summary: After an attack by the Halosians, the crew of Moya find their minds and bodies switched. They must find a way to get their minds back into their own bodies before the Halosians can power up again and destroy Moya.

In which the Skekses provide the excuse for one of the best body switching episodes ever )

The Other Episodes This entry was originally posted at Comment there or here, as you wish.

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Friday, October 2nd, 2020
7:27 pm - Romanes eunt domus, the series, and a recovering Russian activist
So Netflix is doing the battle of the Teutoburg Forest, are they? I have to confess I am intrigued. Also amused as hell about this being titled as an "untold story". I mean. Perhaps in the Anglosphere. And even there not if you are up on your (spoiler!) catastrophic Roman defeats. Now because good old Arminius has been so horribly used for national propaganda in the 19th and 20th century that post WWII, it became one of those chapters German fictionalizes stayed away from. But it certainly has potential, starting with Arminius - who had been one of those sons of tribe leaders making a career in the Roman army (as did his brother Flavus), only unlike his brother, he famously turned against his Roman overlords. I note the teaser has him wear Roman armor throughout which not only strikes me as realistic (that armor was useful in battle, that's why the Romans had it, and scenes where the side changing assimilated character pus on native gear may be picturesque but also more fairy tale like), but makes me hope for some "from two worlds" exploration, because that's one of my favourite tropes. (As opposed to the 19th century version where he's the Germanest German who ever Germaned from the get go.)

Am also amused at "history's greatest traitor". Excuse you. There are really a lot of other candidates that come to mind, even if you limit it to ancient history. Ah well. It's a teaser's business to hype. Also, I note that we're staying in Arminius' pov throughout the teaser, though Varus tells him he's just like a son to him, so I'm guessing despite the statement we'll probably get mostly the Cheruscan take on the demise of those three legions. If the series is any good, I'd like to point out there are crossover possibilities with I, Claudius for next Yuletide.

On to less fun but very captivating current day history: the first interview Alexei Navalny did (with the Spiegel, though what I linked is the English version, and in which he gets asked about a lot more than whether Putin did it (of course he did). This entry was originally posted at Comment there or here, as you wish.

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Sunday, September 27th, 2020
8:52 pm - Dream a little dream (2.08.)
Wiki summary: When Zhaan and Crichton are stranded in a transport pod, Zhaan recounts the story of her time with Chiana and Rygel after "Family Ties". They landed on a planet where 90% of the population are lawyers, and Zhaan was framed for murder.

A Planet ful of Lawyers )

The Other Episodes This entry was originally posted at Comment there or here, as you wish.

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Friday, September 25th, 2020
11:52 am - Lady Mary Wortley Montagu: The Embassy Letters
This book, which was prepared for publication by its author but only published once she was dead - as she had intended - became an instant bestseller in the 18th century, and has remained in print ever since. I had come across Lady Mary Wortley-Montagu in various different contexts - for the first time via an admiring remark in Byron's verse epic Don Juan, then she registered as a famous "travelogue" writer, then as a pioneer of inocculation against small pox in England, then, when I got into my latest 18th century fandom it turned out she had fallen hopelessly in love with Francesco Algarotti - as had a great many other people, including her dear friend, Lord Hervey - , then I read a biography about her (Isabel Grundy: Lady Mary Wortley-Montagu: Comet of the Enlightenment), and now that I've finally gotten around to reading her most famous work, I can say Lady Mary was all of this, but most of all, she's splendid writerly company to spend a few hours with, travelling across 18th century Europe to Turkey and back (after only a year, because her husband didn't work out very well as the British Ambassado, much to her regret, because Lady Mary adored Turkey).

The "Embassy Letters" - their most common title - aren't just a collection of letters written during those years, mind. Some of Lady Mary's actual letters were used for this book by her, with too personal information edited out, but she also drew on her diaries (which were burned after her death by hear daughter - one reason why the "Embassy Letters" manuscript had been given to someone else by her, since that action had been predictable - Lady Mary had been a hugely controversial woman all her life, and at the time of her death, her son-in-law was the new Prime Minister of England and respectability was of the utmost importance), and she redrafted everything so that the letters form a consistent narrative. (I.e. there is no repetitive information - despite the fact that the letters are to different correspondants, they tell a continuos tale.)

Of course, despite the fact this was the first "official" book of Lady Mary's, she'd been a de facto professional writer for most of her long life. She'd been born into privilege, the daughter of a future Duke - hence "Lady Mary" as her title after she gotten married to the title-less Edward Wortley Montagu - , and her father had been indulgent, but she'd been a nerdy child who got most of the education she craved not from her assigned teachers. According to legend, ten years old Mary developed such a passion for Ovid's Metamorphoses that she resolved to learn Latin 'with the help of an uncommon memory and indefatigable labour'. Hiding from her governess, with a Latin dictionary and grammar, she pursued this secret passion for as long as ten hours a day. By the time she was a teenager, she also wrote verses and prose and it soon became anything but adolescent. She became famous as a wit in writing and in the salons, but being a female aristocrat also meant publishing (and even worse, publishing for money!) under your own name was unthinkable; her writings were either circulated in hand written copies, or published anonymously, as when she wrote and edited a satiric magazine. Her family had sided with the Hannover dynasty even before Queen Anne, the last Stuart, had died (though her father also married her sister to a Jacobite, just to be on the safe side), and so her husband secured the Ottoman embassy job that provided the reason for Lady Mary's travels across Europe and Turkey in 1716/1717/1718. She was a young woman in her twenties, with a toddler son; in the year before she left England, she had, like so many others, fallen sick with smallpox and survived, but with heavy scarring. (Which none of her portraits reflect, any more than Mozart's portraits show his small pox scars.) This is important background to what she found in Turkey.

One reason why Lady Mary's travelogues are still so entertaining to read, aside from the historical interest, is that she's a witty writer, and she's also very curious about all she sees. Unusual for a great many later British tourists following in her footsteps, she's far more interested in modern accomplishments (stoves in Dresden and Hannover, smallpox inocculation in Turkey) than historic buildings, though she visits these, too. Most unusually, when noting down other customs, she doesn't always see England as the pinnacle of civilisation but encounters various examples of where the British, in her opinion, could learn something. (Not always something as important as inocculation. For example: she's a great fan of sofas when she encounters them as divans in Turkey - "I shall never endure a chair again".) Now, of course she was a privileged traveller, and most of the people she comes across in any given country long enough to talk intensely to are well off, too; she notes poverty, too, but the poor aren't the people she visits in their houses. But visit she does, and when she's in Turkey, she starts to learn Turkish and Arabic and wears local dresses, which she finds far more comfortable than the contemporary European style.

On the other hand, she's far from free of the prejudices of her day. The same Lady Mary who argues against the dissing of and condescension to the Turks in previous British literature sees nothing wrong with slavery. Alexander Pope, who was one of the correspondants of the Embassy Letters, turned from adoring and idealizing her from afar to viciously attacking her after her return to England, heaping every imaginable slur on her (including accusations of STDs), and when she counterattacked, she used ableism as freely as he did misogyny. She's not someone you can comfortably put in a pedestal. But what she's always: compelling, and speaking as vividly across the centuries as if she'd just dipped her pen into ink to write these letters. Have some examples underneath the cut.

The sights that charmed the charming Montagu ) This entry was originally posted at Comment there or here, as you wish.

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Thursday, September 24th, 2020
10:37 pm - Music meme and story rec
Belatedly, the music meme One is supposed to use titles that come to mind spontanously. Here we go:

A Place: Sommer in der Stadt: aka the hilarious hymn to Munich by the Spider Murphy Gang. Non-German speakers, the pictures match the lyrics; alternatively, the other Spider Murphy song about (some parts of) Munich that immediately came to my mind was Schickeria. Look, I live in this city. Of course I thought of it.

A Food: Aber bitte mit Sahne (Udo Jürgens) (Udo Jürgens and his songs were ever present on the radio when I grew up)

A Drink: Bei einem Tee a deux (duet from Franz Lehar's Im Land des Lächelns, Siegfried Jerusalem and Helen Donath singing- this is my Aged Parent's favourite operetta)

Animal: Blackbird (you knew there would be a Beatles song sooner or later)

A Number: In the year 2525: Zager and Evans, to images from Metropolis in this particular version.

Color: The Pink Panther Theme Song (thank you, Henry Mancini)

Boy's Name: Sindbad: sue me, it was the intro song to one of my favourite cartoon series when I was a child. Runner up: Falco's Amadeus, probably due to my rewatch last year.

Girl's Name: Mrs. Robinson (Simon and Garfunkle, live version); again, I blame my Dad, who used to wear his soundtrack record from The Graduate out and worshiped the ground Simon and Garfunkle tread on for a while.

Alternatively: Maria (from West Side Story here sung by Aaron Tveit. Before I love that musical and never fail to listen whenever this sing is played.

Profession: Paperback Writer; would have been this anyway, but the recent Stephen King vid just settled it.

A Vehicle: Meine Oma fährt im Hühnerstall Motorrad ("My grandma drives a scooter in the chicken stable", was a popular nonsense song since the 1920s, was covered early this year with somewhat altered lyrics that caused a big scandal, hence fresh in my mind);

alternatively: Über den Wolken: Reinhard Mey's hymn to air planes. It's been a good while since I sat in an air plane, not just due to Covid, but this song is what I always heared in my memory when I did.

...and speaking of Stephen King, have a rec: Dark Stripes is a fantastic fanfiction based on The Talisman, in which it's a grown up Richard's turn to confront the past and save Jack. Just beautiful and intense, and full of excellent hurt/comfort to boot. This entry was originally posted at Comment there or here, as you wish.

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Wednesday, September 23rd, 2020
2:41 pm - Knives Out (Film Review)
A year after everyone else, I saw it, and it was indeed every bit as entertaining and fun as was promised. (I'm starting to build up a decided fondness for Rian Johnson; he directed some of my favourite Breaking Bad episodes, Looper did something (then) genuinely new and interesting with its premise, flaws not withstanding, and of the three sequel movies, I like The Last Jedi best.) (Yes, it has its own share of flaws. But unlike the two Abrams movies, it didn't try to copy the OT movie in question beat by emotional beat, instead, again, trying to do something new within the universe it was set in.) (Seriously though: Ozymandias! Neither the Shelley poem nor the Watchmen character, the Breaking Bad episode. Fifty-One! The Fly!OZYMANDIAS.)

Anyway: Breaking Bad with its mixture of black humor, drama and pulp works as a great precedent, mood-wise for Knives Out, which takes the pattern of Agatha Christie's Whodunits and gives them a delightful twisty twirl upside down while still managing to obey all the rules. Everyone is a suspect, we get the interrogations with the flashbacks, there are clues as to the last twist planted ahead if you rethink everything, the central detective has excentric mannerisms and at first seems to fail in getting the job done, but is cleverer than he at first appears, and Johnson employs a star cast, complete with good old Christopher Plummer as the dead body (much alive in flashbacks).

Where this is totally unlike the pattern originator(s) is that our main character and heroine, Marta, is a Latino nurse, and this is central to how the dead man's family treats her (which the movie uses to mercilessly skewer the Thrombey family). And for all that, true to form, even the "nicer" family members get unmasked in their selfishness and condescension as the film goes on, the overall work isn't at all nihilistic. By which I mean: when you watch, say, Robert Altman movies, you are likely to meet an entire cast of jerks and not much faith in humanity. For all the social satire, black humor and genre spoofing, Knives Out actually does believe in human goodness and treating other people decently. Which I'm always on the lookout these days. Well done, Rian Johnson!

Acting: Ana de Armas as Marta, whom I'd last seen in the Blade Runner sequel, gets so much more to do here and does it really well. Making a good person endearing instead of overlooked or one dimensional in favour of the villains is often tricky, but here it works, and I'm glad we got to see some of Marta's family and her background, her own context, instead of the narrative treating her solely in the context of the Thromberrys. It's clear everyone playing one of the dastardly suspects has a blast. (Given his part here and in Watchmen, is Don Johnson having a late career revival playing Good Ole Boys in need of a comeuppance? And ) So does Daniel Craig as a detective with a truly weird accent for the ears of this German watcher at least. And Chris Evans - whose brief stint as Loki in Thor: The Dark World show he can do something like this part here!

All in all: when reality and its injustices makes you more furious by the day, this movie provides a few relaxed hours in between. This entry was originally posted at Comment there or here, as you wish.

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Sunday, September 20th, 2020
8:35 pm - Farscape Rewatch: Home of the Remains (2.07.)
Wiki summary: Desperately short of food, Chiana leads the crew to a dead Budong where she once worked. Without any currency, they must work for food and supply the deteriorating Zhaan with meat.

his kind of thing happens when you don't have replicators )

The Other Episodes This entry was originally posted at Comment there or here, as you wish.

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Thursday, September 17th, 2020
10:30 am - Star Trek Holidays Letter
Dear Creator,

thank you so much for writing this story for me. We clearly share some Trekian interests, and I'm thrilled to find out what you'll come up with.

General likes and dislikes )

On to the prompts:

Star Trek: Picard )

Star Trek: Discovery )

If your own idea for the story doesn't fit any of the prompts, that's no problem: I love fictional surprises, too, and am very much looking forward to your story! This entry was originally posted at Comment there or here, as you wish.

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Sunday, September 13th, 2020
7:28 am - Farscape Rewatch: Picture if you will (2.06.)
Wiki summary: Chiana is given a picture that predicts the future. It depicts the death of Chiana, followed by the rest of the crew who appear to die one by one in self-fulfilling prophecies.

Spoilers had not watched this episode before )

The Other Episodes This entry was originally posted at Comment there or here, as you wish.

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